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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Brendon Doyle
Deputy Secretary, Financial Operations and Head of NZDMO

The New Zealand Debt Management Office (NZDMO) today announced details of the New Zealand government bond tender schedule for the third quarter of the 2013/14 fiscal year.


Government Bond Tender Schedule - Quarter Ending 31 March 2014

Bond Volume ($m) Announcement Tender Settlement
Inflation-indexed 200 12-Feb-2014 13-Feb-2014 18-Feb-2014
Nominal 200 26-Feb-2014 27-Feb-2014 04-Mar-2014
Inflation-indexed 200 13-Mar-2014 14-Mar-2014 19-Mar-2014
Nominal 200 26-Mar-2014 27-Mar-2014 01-Apr-2014

As announced in conjunction with the Half-Year Economic and Fiscal Update 2013, NZDMO plans to repurchase up to $3.0 billion of the 15 April 2015 bond over the second-half of the 2013/14 fiscal year, subject to market conditions.

Repurchases will occur via reverse tap tender, with timing dependent on NZDMO's portfolio requirements and market conditions. Announcements relating to repurchases will be made at 11.30am on the NZDMO website, Bloomberg, Reuters, and the Yieldbroker Auction System, with tenders occurring the following day at 2.00pm.

The first Treasury bill tender for the March quarter will be held on 4 February 2014, with tenders occurring fortnightly thereafter.


Treasury Contacts

Brendon Doyle | Treasurer
Tel: +64 4 917 6133

Sarah Vrede | Head of Portfolio Management
Tel: +64 4 917 6071

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