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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Treasury has announced details of the regular New Zealand Government Bond (NZGB) tender schedule for the month of May 2022. Formal confirmation of each tender occurs on announcement dates.

Tender  Bond Maturity  Volume ($m) Announcement Tender Settlement
812 Nominal 15-Apr-27 100 04-May-22 05-May-22 10-May-22
812 Nominal 15-May-51 100 04-May-22 05-May-22 10-May-22
813 Nominal 15-Apr-25 100 11-May-22 12-May-22 17-May-22
813 Nominal 15-May-32 100 11-May-22 12-May-22 17-May-22
814 Nominal 15-Apr-27 100 19-May-22 20-May-22 25-May-22
814 Nominal 15-May-51 100 19-May-22 20-May-22 25-May-22
815 Nominal 15-Apr-25 100 25-May-22 26-May-22 31-May-22
815 Nominal 15-May-32 100 25-May-22 26-May-22 31-May-22


  • Tenders will be governed by the official Operating Rules and Guidelines (PDF 222KB). The preference will be to fill tenders according to volumes announced in the tender schedule, to the extent possible.
  • Tender 814 will be held on Friday 20 May 2022 due to the release of the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update on Thursday 19 May 2022.

  • Subject to demand and market conditions, inflation-indexed bond (IIB) tenders are scheduled for 12 May 2022 and 26 May 22. IIB tender details will be announced on the Wednesday prior to the Thursday tender, and held alongside nominal bond tenders at 2pm.


Treasury Contacts

Matthew Collin | Head of Funding, Investment and Markets
Tel: +64 4 917 6015
[email protected]

Kim Martin | Head of New Zealand Debt Management
Tel: +64 4 890 7274
[email protected]

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022