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  • Media Statements

    This page on the New Zealand Debt Management website is the primary source for our media statements. We also use our best endeavours to release relevant media statements via both Bloomberg and email simultaneously. The exception to this rule is any releases on the issue of bonds via syndication. In these situations, the media statement is released first on Bloomberg.
  • Data

    Data relating to Treasury bills and government bonds published by the New Zealand Debt Management
  • Investor Update

    The Investor Update is a monthly E-Newsletter providing a snapshot of key economic, fiscal and monetary policy information and an update on the New Zealand Government Bond Market activity.

  • NZDM Insights

    NZDM Insights is a new series we intend to publish on a semi-regular basis. They will provide detailed insights on topics that we believe will be of interest to investors in the New Zealand Government Securities market.

  • New Zealand Government Securities Funding Strategy

    The New Zealand Government Securities Funding Strategy provides investors with an overview of the objectives, principles, instruments and mechanisms underpinning the funding strategy for the 2020/21 fiscal year.
  • New Zealand Government Securities Overview

    The New Zealand Government Securities Overview provides investors with insights into New Zealand’s economic backdrop, institutional framework and Government Securities Market.
  • Economic and Financial Information

    Economic and financial information related to past performance, current state of play and forecasts of the New Zealand economy.
  • Credit Ratings

    Credit ratings are assigned to sovereigns and businesses by international credit rating agencies. Credit ratings provide investors with an indication of the creditworthiness of an entity in which they are considering investing.