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We operate with separate front, middle and back offices. This structure leads to clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities, procedural controls and the separation of duties.

  • The Portfolio Management team is responsible for issuing debt (mainly through tenders for government securities), managing a portfolio of New Zealand dollar and foreign-currency assets, relationship management with investors, clients and rating agencies, and providing capital markets advice and services for departments and government entities.

  • The Risk team is responsible for measuring performance in adding value, measuring risk, monitoring compliance with the approved policies for managing the Government's net debt portfolio.  A portfolio and risk management framework is maintained in a way that is consistent with international best practice, assessing financial risks across the Crown's balance sheet, and formulating an Asset and Liability Management framework for the Crown as a whole.

  • The Accounting and Transactional Services team is responsible for inancial reporting and policy, producing debt servicing and cash flow forecasts, ensuring that all transactions are settled and reconciled in a timely, efficient and secure manner, processing departmental and Crown disbursements and managing registry operations for Crown securities.

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 31 October 2018