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Key Personnel

To be appointed

Executive Director, Capital Markets


Kim Martin
Kim Martin - New Zealand Debt Management

Head of New Zealand Debt Management

Kim has overall responsibility for NZDM and leads the debt management teams – Funding, Investment and Markets, Accounting and Transactional Services, Risk, and Technology.


Matthew Appleby

Acting Head of Funding, Investment and Markets

Matt is responsible for the development and execution of the core Crown funding strategy, and all portfolio and transactional risk management activities of NZDM. 


Charles England
Charles England, Head of Accounting and Transactional Services

Head of Accounting and Transactional Services

Charles is responsible for the accounting and settlement functions at NZDM.


Katie Phillips
Katie Phillips, Head of Risk

Head of Risk

Katie is responsible for overseeing risk management at NZDM alongside risk and performance reporting.


Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton, Head of Technology

Head of Technology

Daniel is responsible for data management and technical solutions for NZDM’s operations.

Last updated: 
Monday, 4 July 2022